Friends of Paythorne

Our fight to dismiss the Appeal by Park Holidays Ltd for 62 additional caravans was SUCCESSFUL thank you to all who supported our efforts to fight this inconsiderate development.

This is not an Owner’s only park.

We also discovered that it is the site owners intention to begin renting out caravans on the site to raise revenue.

Say NO to the Appeal

Complete the online form to stop the overturning of the Democratically Elected Planning Committee decision to reject the extension application

Visit –

Click Search for a case – case number is 3298810

Click Make Representation

Click Save and Continue

You must put your name and address to this area and any detail it asks for otherwise it may not be accepted by the Case Officer..

You’ve only got to the 20th Oct 2022

NEWS Update

THINKING OF BUYING OR UPGRADINGDON’T! – read below before you do.

This website is not about anti-holiday ownership or stopping hard working people pursuing their dream, it is a genuine effort to be transparent about what holiday ownership means in the hamlet of Paythorne. The residents of the hamlet; including myself, have befriended virtually everyone on the site and welcomed them, all we ask is that you speak with those very same people to discover the true facts about who you are dealing with. Only then can you make an informed decision with all the facts. Some present owners are so afraid of being persecuted or removed from the site that they have to whisper their discontent. Please don’t make yourself the next victim. READ ON…

Rogue Development

Despite the Council’s enforcement Officer’s on-going concerns, the site has continued to develop an area of land to the North West of the site which has previously been designated; in a previous planning application, as ‘Open area – no units to be sited’.

This development of 10 units not only contravenes their present site licence; for providing a percentage of open space for children to play safely, it takes away irreplaceable habitat and designated ‘open space’ and breaks a number of other conditions imposed on previous planning applications in 2007 and 2016.

A word of warning to anyone being shown the plots on this area of the site. Existing owners were assured no development could take place in this area and spoil their view and surroundings by previous salesmen and Managers. Despite present objections from residents on the site their concerns have been totally ignored a tale ‘all to familiar’. They’ve got your money so take a ‘running jump’ seems to be the norm.

This development is under investigation and hopefully enforcement will see fit to insisting the park owners restore the area to it’s existing state.

So what will happen to buyers on that contested area of the site?

I’m pretty sure you will be plonked somewhere else as there is a strong probability it will say that in the contract you will have to sign on buying.



Welcome VIP’s

Today 14/01/22 we believe some ‘dignitaries’ may be visiting the park as there have been frantic attempts to smarten the place up with spraying the flags around the caravans.

Welcome to the visitors and an update for them on our action. We will continue to fight your expansion unless the fields are sold back to the farming community and no further land is purchased for development.

Any increase in units will trigger our “Think before you buy” action which will see a return to colourful signage with that message around the hamlet to ensure that any new plots will be impossible to sell. We very often get the opportinity to speak with ‘prospective’ buyers and will give ‘them the facts’ with no sales blurb so they can make an informed choice. As you are probably aware we are quite a persuasive bunch.

Enjoy your visit and if you feel the need to open dialogue feel free to reach out through this site.


Last night 06/01/2022 the Ribble Valley Planning Committee overwhelmingly refused the Park Leisure application for the extension to the existing site with only one Counsellor in favour of the plan.

Whilst a victory we anticipate that the owners will appeal the decision so the fight goes on. The signs around the hamlet will remain for as long as it takes for the proposed development land to be sold back to the farming community.

Meanwhile prospective buyers or upgraders should think again if they were planning to buy a caravan/lodge as the identity of any new owners and the prospect of the site changing dramatically is a real possibility.

As residents of the hamlet we live in harmony with the caravan/lodge owners and have enjoyed their support during this fight to spoil their peaceful retreat.

Peoples welfare and rights must always come before individual economic gain and we will continue to keep this hamlet the place you have come to love and cherish.


We hear this morning [3/12/21] that Park Leisure is to go under the hammer and be sold. We would suggest anybody thinking of upgrading or buying wait to see who the new owners are and their plans for the site before committing to a purchase.

The Council has refused the planning appplication last night [02/12/21] however it comes back to Committee on the 6th January 2022 after consultations.

Before the development

Subletting – the truth

Are they going to sublet, the Site Manager says ‘No’ – read below section 4.5 of their ‘Revised’ Economic Assessment [05/11/21] of the extension.

“It is possible that some of the units will be sublet when not in use by their owners and so the economic impact of the development might be greater”

‘So if someone bought one to ‘rent-out they can sublet’

That gorgeous view you were promised by the Salesman is soon to disappear get ready to be surrounded by more and more caravans.

STOP.. Think before you ‘upgrade’ or ‘buy’, a second home can soon become a nightmare costly purchase. Don’t let sales patter take away your ‘life savings’. ADVICE: ASK PRESENT OWNERS – THEY’LL GIVE YOU THE REAL FACTS.

Online link : then click on ‘Comment on this application’ button

Complete the process by clicking ‘Next’ then adding your details then ‘Next’ again

Application Number: 3/2021/0720

Letters send to…

Laura Eastwood

Planning Department

Council Offices

Church Walk,





Utilities [water pressure issues]

Tel: 0345 6723 723 [24 hours a day]

This webspace has been created to provide guidance on how we can collectively fight the recent Park Leisure Planning Application [3/2021/0720] to increase their site size from 325 pitches to a staggering 387[an additional 62 sited caravans/lodges to the South of the site].

This proposed development [see above] not only affects the residents of Paythorne but will have a devastating effect on the scale and nature of the site for residents, present and in the future.

To preserve our much valued hamlet of Paythorne and ensure the surroundings; enjoyed by us all are protected, we have formed an action group comprised of Villagers and site residents to strongly object to this obscene intrusion on our beautiful landscape in the Ribble Valley.

Throughout the site we will be adding our thoughts and guidance on how we will dissect the planning proposals and show how the development is being driven through greed and has no merit to the environment or respecting the rights of us as individuals to enjoy a peaceful life.

The Human Rights Act 1998 sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the UK is entitled to. It incorporates the rights set out in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic British law. The Human Rights Act came into force in the UK in October 2000.

Protocol 1, Article 1: Protection of property

Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions.

Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions

Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without government interference.

This includes the right to express your views aloud (for example through public protest and demonstrations) or through:

  • published articles, books or leaflets
  • television or radio broadcasting
  • works of art
  • the internet and social media

The law also protects your freedom to receive information from other people by, for example, being part of an audience or reading a magazine.

Ensure you keep popping back to these pages to see how we are going to STOP in its tracks this selfish development.

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