Issues with Application form


Section 6. Existing Use

Does the proposal involve any of the following? If Yes, you will need to submit an appropriate contamination assessment with your application.

“A proposed use that would be particularly vulnerable to the presence of contamination” – is ticked ‘Yes’

Issue: no contamination assessment made available.

Section 12. Biodiversity and Geological Conservation

“Is there a reasonable likelihood of the following being affected adversely or conserved and enhanced within the application site, or on land adjacent to or near the application site?”

a) Protected and priority species: is ticked ‘No’ [see survey results in Ecology appraisal] – could be contested.

The site was found to comprise common and widespread habitats of
improved grassland, broadleaved woodland and treelines. The site was found to have value for the following notable species groups:
• Bats (Foraging, commuting, and roosting)
• Breeding birds
• Badger
• Hedgehog

Section 22. Site visit

“Can the site be seen from a public road, public footpath, bridleway or other public land?” – ticked ‘No’ [certainly incorrect]