What a mess!!

Ribble Valley Country and Leisure Park has been bombarded by a massive murmeration of starlings this Spring 2023.

Many lodges and caravans were soiled with the birds droppings and some lodges were uinhabitable awaiting cleaning [at the Lodge owners expense]

Questions have been asked about whether the starlings will return annually to the same localised area and the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ meaning a repeat of the devastation caused.

Whilst the issue was of course no fault of the sites owners they have a responsibility to inform prospective customers of the issue and the likelihood of it happening each year. Should you be considering a purchase this should be considered along with the owners announcement that caravans on the site are now to be ‘let out’ possibly using AirBNB. Present residents have been led to believe that this is an owners only site and that sadly is not the case and they can look forward to ‘strangers’ visiting and holidaying/stag/hen-nighting next door to their holiday homes.

Having the facts allows you to make an informed decision as these holiday homes can put quite a dent in peoples finances.

Think before you buy!!! – Ask around and do your checks.