Meeting 14/08/2021

Thank you to all that attend the recent meeting at the Chapel. What a great attendance from residents at the caravan site who were clearly angry at Park Leisure’s attempt to increase the number of pitches on the site and the severe impact that would have on our small hamlet.

Generous donations were received to support the cause and we thank all who contributed to the fighting fund.

There was an enthusiasm to get involved with letters of objection and simple ways of objecting were explained to get the message accross that “we object strongly” and will continue our fight long after the application has been decided to stop this type of development from ever blighting our landscape and upsetting locals and caravan residents alike.

Unless the application is swiftly withdrawn. Our next endeavour “Think before you buy” will ensure buyers are aware of who and what they are buying into before upgrading or purchasing their “nightmare second home”.

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